New Year Message — Upgrade yourself to 5G

New Year Message , New Year Greetings from LV Talks


What exactly are life goals? Simply put, they’re the things you would like to accomplish in your life. A human must have a goal in his life. Remember, goals are not only about achieving something or working in a specific career field. It needs to reflect both Tangible and non-tangible.


Only by giving are you able to receive more than you already have.” We need to upgrade to our better version is ‘giving’. The quality of giving is something above the gifts or the material things we share. Just like the goals, we can provide tangible and intangible items. Ever received a smile from a stranger while walking through the streets? If yes, then you can relate to the charm of giving. Sometimes, a gentle touch, simple words, or even a compassionate glance can create wonders. What matters most is how we give it. We need to learn to share things with our hearts, not just from our wallets. It should be the heart that lends the gift, not the hands.


To glow means to spread light, to exude happiness. It is not mere spreading of light but shining. It may happen two ways, naturally or planned. However, this glow evolves from our actions, our efforts to do these things or even our thoughts. This year, let us make a list of things that can make us glow. It need not be massive projects or missions. Even the mundane things like starting a new exercise, diet plan, changing your attire or even picking up a new book to read can count. Doing things that make you feel better can make you shine and help you make others shine. This glow is the self-satisfaction and the confidence you feel about yourself.


We all have masks, and we wear them accordingly. We wear a mask at the office and home with friends and pretend what we are not. Let us put an end to it and be genuine this time. From the tiniest deeds, we do let us do it with authenticity. To live as an authentic person in this society, we need to be honest. Honesty comes with sincerity, openness, straightforwardness. Practising these qualities makes us role models to the community to live without veils.


Gratitude is one of the finest qualities a man can possess.



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