Drive to a Good Manager?

2 min readMay 22, 2021

Aggregating people to work towards the growth of a business is done by a manager. Innovating and successfully implementing new idea makes a manager successful. Experience with multicultural teams and different industry leaders and management gurus made me realise certain essential qualities a manager should possess apart from the knowledge about their respective fields.

Qualities of Good Manager

§ Leadership

Leading a team to success is not an easy task. Initiating ideas and implementing them successfully, cooperating with other people needs unique leadership quality. A manager leads the team to their goals sharing a vision and guiding them on the right path. To be a successful leader one should be a person of integrity.

§ Attitude

Bold decisions induce from valiant attitudes. Possessing a positive attitude can inspire and aspire the teammates to strive for success. The attitude of the managing member regulates the working condition, productivity, and satisfaction of the fellow employees.

§ Communication

Communication builds ideas and innovations in a team. A good manager must be capable to communicate clearly using messages, tasks, presentations etc. Keeping mutual respect in a conversation, listening to team member feedback, realizing the general attributes of your team members etc. are some essential qualities a manager should possess. Providing constructive and effective feedback is a part of effective communication.

§ Being Human

Be human — This is a constant reminder to anyone regardless of their jobs and class. Continuous interaction and maintaining a positive rapport with the team members can boost the company’s and your growth. Intimating gratitude to the members for the teamwork, considering the members’ emotional queries, and maintaining a healthy work condition should be prioritized along with other business goals. Empower your employees with humanity.

§ Confidence

Commitment and hard work can always induce self-confidence in you. Being a guide to fellow members a manager must be confident about himself and his work. This confidence can inspire the team members to strive for success and gain self-confidence.

§ Creativity

Creativity makes you stand a step ahead of others. A creative mind manager innovates ideas and concepts that can nurture the growth of your business. Along with a creative mind, a manager should possess the quality of accepting creative ideas from the team when shared.

Managers are pillars of the organization. Reaching the position is a journey of hard work and commitment. These qualities along with the skills achieved can make you an ideal manager.

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