CIO Priorities for 2021

According to the KPMG 2020 CIO survey, 61% of the CIO experienced an enhancement in their role as CIO. The pandemic revamped their influence over the business. Technology as a tool for business enhancement is now a universally accepted reality. Along with technology, the chief information officers (CIO) also were placed on top of the hierarchy.

Few insights to prioritize in 2021

§ Focus on Data

§ Accelerate Digital Innovation

§ People Management

§ Leverage IOT

§ Customer Engagement

CIO Priorities for 2021

Focus on Data

Covid — 19 pandemics has revolutionized the data world. Relevance and usage of data advanced. Predictive data gained more importance than the historical data. Its time to consider and accelerate AI and ML computations and usage into your business horizon. The need to devise for an unpredictable future was a realization to the business world.

As the quote “Airline needed fuel to keep flying, now it needs both data and fuel” define, data is now the nucleus of the companies. Every sect of a business like a customer engagement, business operations, business projections is impacted by this growing importance of data. Modernization of the data management strategy by the CIO’s if done ideally can boost your business. Revamping of the dashboard with ML is also of prime importance.

Accelerate Digital Innovation

In the past, the role of IT heads was limited to developing related to support back — end systems and processes. The IT heads now contribute to every realm of the business. The IT leaders now are not limited to innovating new concepts but also identifying the strategic inefficiencies by interacting with the business leaders. The application of current trends and technology, identifying the scope of resource enabled innovation, HRMS and e-learning tools, employee engagement and satisfaction etc. are also executed by the CIO’s. They also expose the business to new experiences, unique selling points that can boost your growth.

People Management

Leverage IOT

Selection of ideal and cost-effective methodology and is very crucial since it determines the growth of the business transformation. While integrating, reduction of operating costs, comprehension of customer behaviour, the identification of factors improving customer experience are taken into account.

Customer Engagement

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