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3 min readJan 12, 2023

Happy New Year, 2023

We have reached the end of a great year, 2022. This year has been a blend of joy and sadness and has witnessed the sprouting of many new ideas. Life has taught us many lessons, and we have evolved into better humans in our ways. The world witnessed the cruelties of war and the symphony of togetherness. The Russia — Ukraine war, the reminiscence of which still echoes in the business and other industrial sectors, has brought doubt to the idea of humanity. Towards the end of 2022, the world spun around a single ball, irrespective of class, race, and religion. The 2022 Qatar World cup showed us the magic of sports uniting the world.

As we step into 2023, as usual, we are all set for life with many resolutions, hope, and optimism. Let me share a piece of thought on this occasion of the new year.

Let’s spread more and more SMILEs in 2023

Smile is contagious; yes, it is! It spreads from one person to another even before we realize it.

The greatest gift we can give somebody is our smile, and that smile, my friend, can brighten up their day or even their life. So, let’s celebrate 2023 with a smile on our faces and try to bring one on others’ faces too. What if we break this smile into tiny fragments that can make our life beautiful one. Let’s have a look.

S — Simple

We, humans, are excellent at complicating things. Simple yet joyful world. It’s us who over-thinks and make it complicated. Is it essential? The answer is always no. We take in our life, work everything in a complex and lose our precious moments by getting all tensed up. Let’s be simple; think simple. So, let’s be simple humans in 2023 who enjoy and cherish the little things in our lives.

M — Meaningful

Life is a short journey between birth and death. If we look around, most of us exist and forget to live. So, we must try to lead a meaningful life. And the meaning of life doesn’t lie in our investment, career, huge houses we built, or anything. Life gets its true meaning when it becomes of help to our fellow meaning. So, let’s lend a hand to the people around us and make our life meaningful in 2023.

I — Inspiration

The I in SMILE can be given many reasons. I want to take I as an inspiration. With our lives, we should be able to inspire others. And trust me, one need not be a scientist, leader, businessman, or executive to become an inspiration. The only quality one needs to have been humanity. To live and let others live. So, let’s become an inspiration for others in this new year.

L — Lovable

Being simple, meaningful, and inspiring becomes a lot more relevant when there is the element of love in our lives. To love and to be loved is what all of us crave. Unfortunately, unexpressed love always loses its meaning. We always show some hesitance in expressing love. We have it in our hearts but are often reluctant to show it. Let’s try expressing love towards our friends, family, and fellow beings this year and see how it changes our lives.

E — Empathy

You can only understand people when you feel them in yourself. The ability to understand people, to see their life through their eyes, and to empathize with them is a natural gift. We can only stand by their side and help them through their struggles. In 2023 let’s evolve into empathetic human beings.

Inculcating all these values in our life may not be easy at once. But if we do, trust me, our lives will change like anything. We’ll turn into happy human beings who also bring joy into the lives of others. So, let’s remember to SMILE and what the letters in the word SMILE stand for.

Let’s make it a new year’s resolution.

Cheers, Liven Varghese

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