Build Back Happier

1. SHARE POSITIVE MESSAGES — Spread ideas that promote peace, kindness and understanding, online and in real life.

We are drowning in a sea of negativity amid a daily tsunami of bad news. Social media has given us the power to take the news into our own hands and give us a choice, and we would instead make our friends happy than sad.

2. CONNECT WITH PEOPLE — Reach out to people you know are connected to a crisis and offer your care and support.

Try connecting with them, listening to them. Even a single soothing word of comfort or an act of compassion may help them to find the hope to live.

3. SMILES ARE HEALTHY — Sharing a smile with friends or strangers can help brighten up their day.

This is the best way to spread happiness; there is always a reason to make you smile. You have to search for joy in the little things that would brighten up your day and the surrounding people.



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